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Mike's Adventure to Poland - 2002

Part 19: Shoelaces

I broke a shoelace in Poland.  While this would normally be quite unfortunate, luckily for me I was in Poland.

Poland, for some odd reason, seems to be the land of shoelaces.

Shoelace vendor
Here is a shoelace vendor pushing his shoelace cart down the street.

Shoelace Vendor
Another vendor of shoelaces.  Nothing but shoelaces, but they have every size and color.

Shoelace vendor
Yet another shoelace cart.  Shoelace vendors are on nearly every street corner.

I don't know what the Polish obsession with shoelaces is.  Do they have bad shoes?  Is it inferior craftsmanship in their laces?  Is it from a surplus in textiles?

Still, the shoelaces I bought there were very inexpensive but of very high quality.  It appears that they know their shoelaces...

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