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Mike's Adventure to Poland - 2002

Part 6: Pawiak Prison

Pawiak prison was originally built in 1830 under Russian occupation.  The Gestapo took hold of it and used it to hold political prisoners.  Over 100,000 prisoners were interred in the prison during World War II, of which 37,000 were executed and 60,000 sent to extermination camps.  The cells were designed to hold only three people, yet often the Gestapo forced in up to 18 prisoners.  When the Nazis retreated from Warsaw, they dynamited the building to cover up any evidence of their crimes.

Pawiak Ruins

Pawiak Museum

Pawiak Prison with Tree Memorial

Pawiak Tree Memorial
This tree is covered in obituaries of people who died in Pawiak.  It now stands as a reminder of the atrocities committed within.

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