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Mike's Adventure to Poland - 2002

Part 25: More Miscellaneous Warsaw Sights

Singing Cowboy
We saw the famous singing cowboy in the Old Town at night...

Scott with Singing Cowboy
And we saw the famous singing cowboy in Old Town during the day.  He may look like a cowboy, but he sings Beatles songs in slurred Polish.

Polish Military Museum
There is a huge collection of ex-Soviet military hardware out at the Polish National Museum.

Warsaw McDonalds
And of course, the international sign that capitalism is alive and well in Poland...

Culture Palace at Night
The Culture Palace lit up at night.  I love this building; what can I say?

Saxon Garden
The Saxon Garden.  That is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in the background.  It was very COLD that day...

Cold Ducks on Frozen Ground
A huge collection of stupid ducks that forgot to fly south for the winter.

Chmielna Street decorated for Christmas
A final picture of Chmielna Street taken moments before we went to the airport.

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