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Mike's Adventure to Poland - 2002

Part 24: Miscellaneous Warsaw Sights

Financial Center
This is the former Communist Party Headquarters which is now the Financial Center.

Eagles Building
The Eagles Building.  I thought this was a cool building.  The Nazis couldn't blow it up, so they just stripped all the copper off of it.

Poland, like the rest of Europe, has a lot of graffiti.  Unlike the rest of the world, though, Polish graffiti artists actually put a lot of work into their art...

Old Parking Lot Guard Statue
This is a statue in Old Town that is jokingly called "The Old Parking Lot Attendant" because he overlooks a parking lot.

Asian Food Bar
Asian food is very popular in Warsaw.  Joe liked the way they spelled "Vietnamese" at this bar...

Posters in front of Town Hall
Poland is known for its posters.  Here is a pole with posters in front of the Warsaw City Hall.

Poster for Protest Against Iraq War
Here is a poster publicizing an anti-war demonstration in front of the US Embassy the day we left.

Culture Palace in Haze
The Culture Palace in the haze.  I still think it looks cool.

Christmas Palm Tree
They placed a (fake) palm tree in the center of the traffic circle in front of the financial center.  I don't know why, but it was for Christmas.  Our cab driver didn't know why either, but he thought it was funny as hell!

Playing "Phase 10" Game
When it was too cold outside to go anywhere, we usually sat around, drank beer, and played cards.

Poster for "Signs" movie
We liked seeing the Polish names for American movies.  Here is the ad for "Signs," which we called "zuh-nacky"...

Bar W Oficynie
This is a small bar next to our apartment that served great beer and even better desserts.

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