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Mike's Adventure to Poland - 2002

Part 10: Krakow

Okay, that should be it for the tragic stories of Poland.  Now on to the fun stuff.

Krakow was the original capital of Poland before it was moved to Warsaw.  And it narrowly escaped destruction during World War II (the Nazis had planned to destroy it as they had Warsaw, but the Polish resistance cut their detonation wires before they could detonate their bombs).  Okay, so it is hard to find a place in Poland that doesn't have a tragic background.

Krakow is only about a three hour train ride from Warsaw.  It is full of artists, much like Prague I am told.  It is a beautiful city and full of history.  The pace in Krakow isn't as hectic as it is in Warsaw, and for that reason, we very much enjoyed our weekend in Krakow.

Krakow Barbican
The Krakow Barbican - a gate in the city wall around the older part of the city.

Krakow through the City Wall
A view of the city through the city wall.

Krakow Wall Tower
Here is one of the towers in the city wall.

Krakow City Square
The town square in Krakow.

St Mary's Cathedral
St Mary's Church.  It was from here in the 13th Century that city guards played their trumpet to warn everyone of the impending Mongol invasion.  Now, out of tradition, they play a trumpet from the tallest tower every hour on the hour.

St Mary's Cathedral
Another view of St. Mary's Church on the town square.

Krakow Christmas Tree
A Christmas tree in the Krakow town square.

The sukiennice - a cloth hall where trading has been conducted since the Renaissance.  It is also in the town square.

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