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Mike's Adventure to Poland - 2002

Part 18: Big Food

After walking around all day in the park, I had built up a healthy appetite.  Good thing, too, because we all decided we would go to a Brazilian restaurant called "Rodizio El Toro."

I was warned by both Robin and Joe, who had eaten there before, to pace myself.  Why?  Because they served sixteen courses.  And these just aren't your normal courses: they are huge skewers of meat served on swords.

We had bratwurst, chicken wings, chicken wrapped in bacon, spicy chicken, chicken hearts, ham, and roast beef.  This was served with sides of fried bananas and a great cheese that I refer to as "fat cheese."  And for desert?  A hot roasted pineapple served on, what else, a sword...

If you go, pace yourself.  Try one of each and then at the end, you can request seconds of the things you loved the most (like the bacon wrapped chicken - yum).  That is, if you still have any room left...

Joe eying big meat
Joe eyes the huge sword of meat being sliced onto his plate.

Scott eying more meat
Scott is thinking, "That's a lot of meat..." 
The next day, we were all thinking, "I can't believe we ate the whole thing..."

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