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Mike's Adventure to Poland - 2002

Part 21: Beer

Joe, Esther, and Mike with beer
Joe, Esther, and Mike enjoy the one liter beers!  Well, Joe and Mike did, anyway; Esther stuck with coffee and kept us out of trouble - that was very important after the "O Canada" incident...

One of the best things about Poland is the beer (which they call "piwo" pronounced "pee-voe").

Our favorite was one called "Zywiec" and is pronounced "zshivy-itz."  It is the most popular beer in Poland.

Of course there are many others, including my favorite called "Warka Strong."  We also sampled Lech, Okocim, and EB.  And then there was Brok, pronounced "broke."

When we went to dinner one night, Joe asked for a large Zywiec from the tap.

"No," the woman said.  "Broke."

Then, she brought him a large beer.  "They must have fixed the tap," Joe concluded.  The Poles laughed.  they explained that the woman brought Joe a large Brok instead of a Zywiec.  We both thought she meant the tap was broken.

I also discovered something else interesting in Poland.  One particularly cold day wandering around in Warsaw, I stopped into a pub to see something called "grzane piwo" or "zshah-nah pee-voe."  I recognized "piwo" was beer, but was unfamiliar with what "grzane" meant.  So, I looked at the English menu, and it says "hot beer."  Intrigued, I ordered it.  Turns out, it is beer that is warmed and mulled with clove and other spices.  It was actually very good.  But I learned one other lesson: not all grzane piwos are the same.  One night, I ordered a grzane piwo at a different bar, and they simply took a glass of Okocim beer and nuked it in the microwave.  It wasn't very good...

Scott with big beer
Scott also enjoyed the big beers in Poland...

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