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Mike's Adventure to Poland - 2002

Part 2: Warsaw Arrival

Warsaw looks more like Cleveland than the rest of Europe.  Most of this is because it is so new compared to the rest of Europe (I'll explain later).  Anyway, most of the taxi trip from the airport to our apartment was unremarkable.  However, one structure stood out immediately: the Palace of Culture and Science.

Palace of Culture and Science
The Palace of Culture and Science - built as a tribute to Communism, but covered in capitalist ads...

I like towers and skyscraper, so I instantly liked the Culture Palace.  However, not many Poles do.  Why?  Because it was built by Stalin in 1952 as a gift from the people of the Soviet Union.  A reminder of their Communist past, many Poles hate it.  (I did find ironic that we attended a concert to benefit the European Union and sponsored by European banks in the building, as I did find the huge ads on the side ironic as well.  I bet Stalin is rolling over in his grave!)

Our apartment was right across the street from the Culture Palace.  It was easy to find, because it was located above a sex shop.

Our apartment entrance
The entrance to our apartment.  I called it "Home Sweet Sex Shop".

Our apartment building
The view of our apartment from the sex shop below.

When we got inside to the apartment, I was concerned, because there were two doors with around 8 locks on them.  I never did find out why so many locks were needed.

Outer locks on doorInner locks on door
The front door to the apartment (left, outside; right, inside).  Two doors, with four locks each.  We were very secure.

Then, we toured the apartment.  The apartment was beautiful!  17 foot tall ceilings and beautiful furniture!  Yet, we would soon not love it as much a few weeks later when winter came and all the heat was hovering near the top of those beautiful 17 foot ceilings!

Apartment living room
No, this isn't from a palace, but it is our living room in our apartment.

We walked across the street and had Polish sour egg and sausage soup (Zurek) for dinner, and also had a beer.  I slept good that night.

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