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Mike's Odyssey to Greece - 2005

Part 25: Greek Toilets

Prior to going to Greece, one of the things I wondered about was what kind of toilets would be there in Greece.

Would there be "bombsight" toilets, as I encountered in Italy or Korea?  Would there be "shelf" toilets as I encountered in northern Germany?

So, I entered the bathroom, and I saw this:


All right!  A normal toilet!

Hey, what's that little trash can doing next to the toilet?  Must be to toss your cigarette butts out in...

Let's visit another toilet.


Hey, there's another trash can?  What is up with that little trash can?

And that, my friends, is the uniqueness of Greek toilets.

You see, the Greek sewage system cannot handle all of the toilet paper flowing through the pipes.  I do not know why; my theory is that the sewage system is relatively unchanged since the ancient days.

So, what happens is that you use the toilet, but when you use your toilet paper, you deposit it in that little trash can and NOT into the bowl.

Angry toilet
A reminder not to dump paper into the toilet.  If you do this, you make the toilet angry.  And believe me, you won't like the toilet when it is angry...

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