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Mike's Odyssey to Greece - 2005

Part 20: The Red Beach

After leaving the Cave of Nikolas, I decided to make my west along the coast toward the Red Beach.

The Church of Agios Nikolas.

In case you are wondering why it is called the Red Beach, the following pictures should answer the question.

Red beach
You can see the few people tanning on the beach on the left hand side of the picture.

Red Beach
The red volcanic rock at the Red Beach.

Red Beach
You can see the red volcanic rock in the foreground and the black basalt volcanic rock in the background.

Red Beach
The red sand at the Red Beach.

The red, black, and grey rocks on the beach.

I considered wading in the water, but in all actuality, at that time, the water was still very cold.  I only saw three people in the water, and all of them were Brits (compared to the North Sea, this was a freaking hot tub).

The Red Beach was very interesting.  As I walked along the beach, I imagined that this is how the first astronaut on Mars is likely going to feel like (minus the girls in bikinis tanning).

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