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Mike's Odyssey to Greece - 2005

Part 3: Olympic Stadium

My friends Giorgios and Sotirios asked my friend Jim and I if we would like to attend a football game. There were two things about this that appealed to us - first, we could experience a European football game and second, we could experience it at the internationally famous Olympic Stadium, site of the 2004 Olympic games.

Olympic sign
The sign welcoming visitors to the site of the 2004 Olympic games.

The Olympic complex is very impressive. It is much larger than I expected, and for all of the negative press about whether or not they would be complete in time, they do look very spectacular.

Olympic entrance
A shot of the long entrance to the Olympic complex.

A view of the velindrome (the place where the cycling events occurred) from inside the entrance.

Inside entrance
Inside the entrance. It is much bigger than it appears.

The velindrome.

Olympic stadium
The Olympic Stadium, home of the opening and closing ceremonies - as well as the much-hyped roof.

Stadium inside
Inside the Olympic Stadium, which can seat around 80,000 or so.

Olympic torch
The Olympic Torch, which I have heard compared to either a giant cigar or the "Mighty Joint" from History of the World, Part I.

This is a giant windchime that ripples and makes noise. On the day we were there, the winds were still, so it made no movement or sound.

Pool center at sunset
Sunset as viewed from the Olympic stadium facing the pool center. The building is much, MUCH bigger than it appears.

The Olympic Complex was very cool and very impressive. However, we were not to remain as impressed as we could have, as you will soon see...

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