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Mike's Odyssey to Greece - 2005

Part 2: Aegean Visit

After weathering the sandstorm, we decided to take a trip over the hills to the village of Nea Makri on the Aegean coast east of Athens. Nea Makri is located between Rafina and Marathon.

Overlooking Aegean
From atop of the hills over looking Nea Makri. The land in the distance is the island of Evia.

Nea Makri is a nice little town. We stopped and dipped our feet in the sea and then stopped by a seaside taverna for some ouzo and beer - as well as a HUGE piece of chocolate cake with honey.

Aegean Sean
A close view of the beautiful blue water of the Aegean.

Down at water level at the Aegean.

Evia and Aegean
Another view of Evia. It's an island the size of Connecticut!

On the way over the hill to Nea Makri we passed a German cemetery for soldiers killed in Greece during World War II. It is very beautiful, and almost feels very awkward, considering the brutality delivered by the Nazi forces in Greece during World War II.

German Cemetery
The entrance to the German cemetery.

German Cemetery
The names of the German soldiers who died in the various regions of Greece have their names incribed on the walls and on the grave markers.

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