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Mike and Adele Explore the Rockies - 2003

Part 4: Lake Louise

Lake Louise is home to another expensive resort and sits at the end of a glacier fed lake that has the most awesome blue water.

Lake Louise
The Victoria Glacier and Lake Louise.

Lake Louise
Lake Louise is an awesome color of blue.  It's also very cold.

Not far away from Lake Louise is another lake called "Lake Moraine."  Moraine is the name of debris pushed aside by a glacier.  Lake Moraine isn't as crowded with tourists as Lake Louise, and there is a huge rock pile you can climb to get a great view of the lake from above.

The valley on the way to Lake Moraine.

Tower of Babel Rock Formation
The rock formation known as "The Tower of Babel" next to Lake Moraine.

Rockpile at Lake Morraine
The rock pile made out of moraine.  There are lots of prehistoric sea fossils in the rock pile.

Lake Moraine
Lake Moraine as seen from the rock pile.

Lake Moraine
Another view of Lake Moraine.

Turquoise Water
A very turquoise lake.

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