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The Return of Dr. Kaad Zias, Part 2

Continued from Part 1...

And so Doctor Kaad decides to prove himself to Nash by providing his ID..

Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2003 05:04:15 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Kaad Zias" <drkaadzias817@yahoo.com>
Subject: We must trust on another
To: Nash

I see that you dont believe I am who I say. I tell you I am CHRISTIAN man and true to my word. It is very important that we are to trust one another. For that reason I send you my Id so that you know I am speaking only truth and we can continue with our transaction.  I hope that this finds you in good spirits and we can soon conclude our business. There are many peoples asking questions and I am concerned that we might soon lose this opportunity to both become rich and prosper.
Doctor Kaad Zias


What do you think, may be he is genuine and not our Kaad?
From: ben_2003@post.cz
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2003 22:00:50 +0200 (CEST)
To: "Nash Chovek"
Subject: see tyhe documents

Deart Friend,

I called you again and again the same thing happend I try to
pronounce what you ask me to say to the person who will pick up
the phone is still the same. I also have a person who understand
english I called your name he told me know wrong number I called
the code he told me he can not understand.

Find in this attached document the affidavit which I procured in
your name which made the Bank to contact you. our lawyer also
have written many letter to the bank and they will send to you
today legal document. and he pleed with them to send the ID of
the the bankers.

Stop contacting Kaad give me his telephone number in south africa
as he claim.  I want to tell you the truth before God that you
don't have his telephone number and he is attending to your email
from his altarnative email address not the one he use to contact
you for the first time if this is a lie let my life be taken away
from me.

Mike Jonh


From: bank security <unionbankhouse1@yahoo.co.uk>
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2003 21:14:03 +0100 (BST)
To: Nash Chovek
Subject: attached document

Attn,Nash Chovek.

 We have been under presure by your lawyer Rev Mark Paul Esq to send to you the telex authority the shows that your payment have been programed in our system of payment. he added that a proper I D should be attached to clear your mind.

Two International passport of the federal republic of Nigeria is attached John Ike is the account maneger of your fund. and I am the head of this Regional office of this bank.

I have cleard you so we await for your payment soon to enable us make direct telex telegraphic transfer into your account.

Isah Bello.

reginal Director


(Mike's Note:  You have to love how they misspelled "UNION" in the main header on the First line!)

(Mike's Note:  You have to love how his name is now "John Ike" instead of John Mike, and the name doesn't even match the signature!)

I will close their e-mail at yahoo.uk!!!
From: bank security <unionbankhouse1@yahoo.co.uk>
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2003 21:52:49 +0100 (BST)
To: Nash
Subject: Id cards

Id cards for more clearification


From: "Nash Chovek"
To: abuse@yahoo.co.uk <abuse@yahoo.co.uk>
Sent: Tuesday, July 29, 2003 5:34 PM
Subject: Reporting Spammers

These spammers used to send spam from another e-mail adress at yahoo.com, I reported them there, at abuse@ yahoo.com, their e-mail was closed there, now they writte from you. Please stop them!!!
Here is the source of their mail. After that one I'll attach the source of their previous e-mail at yahoo.com!!!

Received: from web20511.mail.yahoo.com (web20511.mail.yahoo.com [])
by thalia.otenet.gr (8.12.9/8.12.9) with SMTP id h6SA4eDo019643
for Nash; Mon, 28 Jul 2003 13:04:41 +0300 (EEST)
Message-ID: <20030728100439.62818.qmail@web20511.mail.yahoo.com>
Received: from [] by web20511.mail.yahoo.com via HTTP; Mon, 28 Jul 2003 11:04:39 BST
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2003 11:04:39 +0100 (BST)
From: =?iso-8859-1?q?bank=20security?= <unionbankhouse1@yahoo.co.uk>
Subject: Contact needed urgently
To: Nash
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary="0-375106192-1059386679=:60801"
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit
X-UIDL: aTC"!-od"!05;"!"Ec"!
Status: U

Content-Type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit


we raeceive information from your representative and he inform us that you have not been able to send mail to our email address due to some network problems we are sorry, you can send email to this email address unionbankhouse1@yahoo.co.uk we espect that you will send the money today and we will transfer your full payment into the account which you have given to this bank within 48hours of confirmation of your cost of transfer.

I await for urgent contact.

Isah Bello.

I sent this to "bank's yahoo.co.uk address, to see if the closed it. In case they opened it for me, they may get suspicious of me, so may be Kaad could write to them that he reported a spam, as a revenge for saying nasty things about him!
From: Nash Chovek
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2003 12:24:58 +0300
To: bank security <unionbankhouse1@yahoo.co.uk>
Cc: <ben_2003@post.cz>
Subject: Need additional info, please!

In case of my positive responce I need to know the exact number needed in euros. The sum you asked is in dollars, and we use euro here in Greece.
nash Chovek of Prnjavor

From: "uk-mail-abuse@yahoo-inc.com" <uk-mail-abuse@yahoo-inc.com>
Reply-To: "uk-mail-abuse@yahoo-inc.com" <uk-mail-abuse@yahoo-inc.com>
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2003 06:56:29 +0000
To: Nash Chovek
Subject: Regarding your email to Yahoo!  (KMM53730990V48189L0KM)

Thank you very much for reporting this incident to Yahoo! UK & Ireland.
This is an automatic response to let you know that we have received your
report regarding a Terms of Service Violation or Network Abuse issue
involving a Yahoo! member, and are taking the necessary steps to
resolve the situation.

Once our investigation is complete, appropriate action, in accordance
with our Terms of Service, will be taken against the offending account

Since the current volume of mail prohibits a personal reply to all
reports, unless additional information is required, this may be the
only response you will receive.
From: ben_2003@post.cz
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2003 22:33:08 +0200 (CEST)
To: "Nash Chovek"
Subject: Re: FW: Returned mail: see transcript for details

Dear Friend,

the amouynt you have to send is 3600euro and you have to send
the details of the payment top me and I will hand it over to the
bank please why i choose us to use western union is because is
the fasterst means of money transfer now as soon as you send them
I will get back tou as soon as posible I will contact the bank
head office and inform them all this email problem they may give
me new emailk from the bank head office.

As soon as you send the money send details of payment to me and I
think Kaad is the person behaind all this problem he may want us
not to receive this money you have to stop your communication
with him not that this bank is relaible count on me.

I pray by the grace of God we will finalise this deal and I will
come over to your country for the sharing and investment.

John Mike
From: unionbankheadoffice@tiscali.co.uk
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2003 14:22:33 -0700
To: Nash
Subject: union  bank


 We have receive report of your difficulty to send mail to the Reginal
office of our bank you are now advice to send your futher curespondent to
this email address and we will clear all the problems as soon as posible.
We have understand about the resent problem that some of the email haker
stop your mail from reaching you should be careful with the information
you disclose to people. stop your contact with any person that is not your
lawyer be carefull any information you give to them regarding this transaction
they may use it against you they may divert your fund. this mail is free
from haker

Favour Mike
Secratory Unoin Bank Of Nigeria Plc
From: ben_2003@post.cz
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2003 23:31:14 +0200 (CEST)
To: "Nash Chovek"
Subject: I have confirm

Dear Friend,

I have found out you should stop given any email address or
contact from me or from the bank to Kaad he is an email haker the
bank have found out he only stop your mail from going through to
the bank so that he will be having information what is going on
he may use the information to steal our money please act fast so
that we can finalise this deal.

John Mike
From: "Nash Chovek"
Date: Wednesday, July 30, 2003 11:41 PM
To: ben_2003@post.cz
Subject: Re: I have confirm

Dear John,

The people in the bank lie to you, I tell you they are not reliable!
How can they tell you They stopped MY mail going through?
It is not true, my friend, it seems you are being lied as well!!!
Me by Kaad and you by your bank!!!

PS I tried to check this what you told me and what they wrote,
and I went to the internet cafe near by and trie to send e-mail
to both adresses bank give to me that had just a question:
"Do you lie or do you say the truth?"

And their e-mail did not work again!
What do you say now? How could Kaad know to stop that, hah?

The only way they could convince me they exist would be if they
send me any ammount of money from their bank to my bank,
like 10 dollars, no need for more, I don't believe they would send
all our money and believe I would send them back 3600 right away,
I would do it, I promise. But I do not expect. 10 $ would be OK to
believe! What do you say, I am carefull, yes?
This came x4
From: "Central Bank Nigeria" <c-b-n-nig@presidency.com>
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2003 12:47:32 -0500
To: Nash
Subject: Contract payment



TEL:+234-1-4746895  FAX:+873-762-941-349

31st July, 2003

Attention:Mr Nash Chovek

Dear Sir,

Re: Contract payment

Sequel to an application received on your behalf for the immediate remmittance of your contract amount to your nominated account, we write to inform you that you have been schedule for this quater payment.  In this regards therefore, we hereby request that you send to us all your contract information to enable us   reconcile them with what we have on your file.

Please espedite in order to give to you the next directive.


Yours faithfully,

Dr Earnest Ebi

Deputy C.B.N Governor

For: C.B.N

From: "Nash Chovek"
Date: Friday, August 01, 2003 5:55 AM
To: ben_2003@post.cz
Subject: Re: I have confirm

I got new mail from another Nigerian bank. Is this yours or Kaad's?
I answered asking them what they want and what is espedite...
Waiting for your answer, and looking forward for our deal to do,
And I sent report to abuse@...
They stopped it, se this, read the red letters

From: "Outblaze Abuse Desk" <abuse@outblaze.com>
Date: 1 Aug 2003 10:00:14 -0000
To: Nash
Subject: Re : stop the spammer, please


Thank you for contacting the outblaze.com abuse desk.

The account you reported is now terminated, along with
today's quota of sundry other Nigerian generals, bankers,
engineers, attorneys and relatives of dead dictators.

Outblaze is one of the largest providers of webmail services in
the world.  As a responsible ISP, we hate spam, and we do not
allow our network to be abused by spammers.

There is only one thing that we hate more than spammers - 419
(nigerian) scam artists abusing our systems.  

Please see http://home.rica.net/alphae/419coal/ for more about
this well known scam.

Our acceptable use policy can be found at

Thank you for reporting this incident.  Please feel free to report
further incidents of abuse originating from our users to us at

We encourage you to use http://www.spamcop.net to send out automated
spam complaints, if you face difficulties complaining manually to each
spam you receive.

Thank You
Outblaze Abuse Desk

----- Original Message -----

  Received: from spf13.us4.outblaze.com (205-158-62-67.outblaze.com
  []) by thalia.otenet.gr (8.12.9/8.12.9) with ESMTP id
  h6VHlsCg013802 for ; Thu, 31 Jul 2003 20:47:55 +0300 (EEST) Received:
  from 205-158-62-68.outblaze.com (205-158-62-68.outblaze.com
  []) by spf13.us4.outblaze.com (Postfix) with QMQP id
  0DBC01808315 for ; Thu, 31 Jul 2003 17:47:54 +0000 (GMT) Received:
  (qmail 92959 invoked from network); 31 Jul 2003 17:47:47 -0000
  Received: from unknown (HELO ws1-1.us4.outblaze.com) (
  by 205-158-62-153.outblaze.com with SMTP; 31 Jul 2003 17:47:47 -0000
  Received: (qmail 6062 invoked by uid 1001); 31 Jul 2003 17:47:46 -0000
  Message-ID: <20030731174746.6061.qmail@mail.com> Content-Type:
  text/html; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Disposition: inline
  Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit MIME-Version: 1.0 X-Mailer: MIME-tools
  5.41 (Entity 5.404) Received: from [] by
  ws1-1.us4.outblaze.com with http for c-b-n-nig@presidency.com; Thu, 31
  Jul 2003 12:47:46 -0500 From: "Central Bank Nigeria" To:
  Nash Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2003 12:47:46 -0500 Subject:
  Contract payment X-Originating-Ip: X-Originating-Server:
  ws1-1.us4.outblaze.com X-UIDL: 1<1!!Pj$!!0OK!!^X]"! Status: U



  TEL:+234-1-4746895  FAX:+873-762-941-349

  31st July, 2003

  Attention:Mr Nash Chovek

  Dear Sir,

  Re: Contract payment

  Sequel to an application received on your behalf for the immediate
  remmittance of your contract amount to your nominated account, we
  write to inform you that you have been schedule for this quater
  payment.  In this regards therefore, we hereby request that you send
  to us all your contract information to enable us   reconcile them with
  what we have on your file.

  Please espedite in order to give to you the next directive.


  Yours faithfully,

  Dr Earnest Ebi

  Deputy C.B.N Governor

  For: C.B.N

Here is my last mail to John Mike. Blue letters is report from the concert of Rolling Stones from my buddy, computer programmer who lives in Toronto. Unfortunately you can not understand it because it is in my language (and the text is clever and funny), but that is the whole idea, to make him read something unreadable for him! I do not have a good idea for a twist, this is just buying time...
From: Nash Chovek
Date: Sat, 02 Aug 2003 05:43:34 +0300
To: <ben_2003@post.cz>
Subject: Re: Contact.

I am thikning about your bank. And about thir dissapiriance. And about how they want money sent through Western union. And I spoke to my brother about it, and he said he is not sure, but he says you are OK, but you probably do not know that your bank has a serious problem, or they want to cheat you like Bedak-Bank in our Prnjavor. They never found Uzmet Tvojulovudzich, and half of our town was left dinarless! This is what my brother said to me:

"Dakle bio sam i bilo je onako... malo bezveze.
Bank of Nigeria (Union) Pa to pas s maslom pojeo neb'. Ne jeb' ti to ni 3%
Napravio sam gresku ispustivsi dusu pre koncerta pesaceci po suncu jedno 5 km do mesta dogadjaja. Trebao sam krenuti mnogo kasnije. Koncert je bio na aerodromu a ne u parku kako sam ja razumeo iz najava, tako da nigde bozijeg drveta ni lada. A bilo je kazu 450 000 ljudi?! Spocetka sam strpljivo stojao i cupkao u jednom mestua posle sam zanemoco i legao dole na asfalt medju ostale brljose da odmorim ledja i noge i pustio da me preskacu. Prva tri sata se nista nije desilo od znacaja a onda su AC/DC poceli malo da prase. I tajh deo cak nije ni bio los. Delom sto sam se i primakao, pa sam mogao i da osetim dah bine od koje sam tada bio udaljen mozda 100 metara. Matorani su pristojno cupkali (nadahnuti k, to mi je andrew objasnio), prasili i svirali, pustali neki stari spot i tako, hajde da kazemo dobro je bilo. Bina je bila ogromna, mozda 50 metara u sirinu mozda 100, nemam pojma. Ispred toga u obliku jajeta bila je rulja do u nedogled. Ogromni monitori i ozvucenje je bilo rasporedjeno u koncentricnim krugovima ispred. Ipak to je bilo nedovoljno, kao i ozvucenje. Ali verovatno se nije ni moglo mnogo bolje. Mnogo nas je bilo brate. Previse. Da je bilo jedno 10 ili 20 puta manje ljudi, onda bi ti mogao nesto i reci. Ovako, ne znam ni sam. Veliki Mik zbog kojeg je i 99% mase doslo bio je otprilike kao zrno pirindza na horizontu. Pre nego sto su rolingsotsi izasli, u strahu za sopstveni zivot izmakao sam se u nazad dobrano, a i to je bilo otprilike na pola ‘jajeta’ jer je iza mene bilo jos mase.

John Mike. Tom prknu od coveka da das pare? Nek ti on prvo 59 puta toliko dadne pa ti onda da mu das ovce da ti cuva. Nacrtane. Na parcetu tariguza! Posmatrao sam ko su ‘gosti’ koncerta. To ti je moj comso, svet sa koim mi nikad nista nismo imali zajednicko. Nisam ocekivao gospodu u masnama. Ali mozda stare rokere upakovane u nove sakoe, sad vec procelave ali bar ocesljane, ili recimo studente, ili sta ja znam.... mozda tetke, malo omatorele ali barem doterane. Ali moram ti reci, ili su tako bar moje oci videle, to je mahom bila fukara.

DrKaadZias- je car!- 17 iljada  zena planete ove da poludi za njim zbog njegove nezavisnosti!!!Pricao sutra sam sa jednim kolegom, Rusom, sa kojim radim, on nije ni isao na koncert vec je gledao od kuce. On je muzicar amater u slobodno vreme, i kaze da su zvucali strasno i rastimovano. Onaj kRicard, pa kaze da on vise uopste ne moze da svira. Kaze da se vidi da ne vezbaju, a morali bi. To se uvek radi na tonskoj probi dan pred koncert, objasnio mi je. Za to grupi zapravo treba vrlo malo vremena, pocne se svaka pesma iz repertoara i ako bend vidi da sve stima samo predju na sledecu i za cas spice ceo repertoar.

Dwayne!!! To je Anglosaksonsko ime, zato 0,0000001% I tako sam odslusao ac/dc, i onda sam se izmakao u brizi za svoje dupe da ne nastradam, da vidim stonse. I normalno slabo sam ih video a jos slabije cuo. Krenuli su iznenada, valjda bez najave posle jedno 40 minuta dosadne pauze, sa pesmom Bsugar, i onda jos, par pesam da bi ja, nes verovati, napustio koncert pre vremena, nakon pesme “You can’t get always what you want”. U isto tako reci ljudi koja je odlazila ali to se nije ni primecivalo. Izasao sam jer sam se bojao da ce svetina da nagrne posle svirke i da ce zatrpati metro i da cemo svi najebati. Ali nije, bilo je sve sredjeno, bar taj deo, grad je obezbedio konvoj autobusa, panduri su obezvbedjivali metro da masa nebi nekontorlisano srljala i posle sam se mislio, mozda sam i trebao jos malo ostati, ali eto. Jel to sramota. Valjda jeste. Ali dosta mi je bilo sto sam i otisao da vidim sve to. Mozda drugi put. Bude zadnji put. Ako budu nastupali u sali za sedenje kao predgrupa recimo za bend ABBA ili tako nesto."
He said that one can never be sure, that "Money is money, honey" and I conclude 3 things:

Dwayne I believe allmost nothing, like---- 0,001%

Bank is fishy. I believe them------------------- 3 %

Kaad I believe a little more-------------------- 17 %  -And if I go to Amsterdam he wants me to, I do not give money before I see money!!!

John Mike, -you I believe the most, like------ 59%  -You are good man, but naive, the bank wants to cheat you. I can not do anything now from here. The only thing I can do is send YOU the money, you go to the bank with my money, ang give them the money only if they show you the money!!!
Send me your adress.

Kaad called me today twice, he really wants me to come to amsterdam! But my brother disagrees too he says don't go, if you ask me, I'd go and seee!!

This is what I think with a little help of my brother from Prnjavor.
I am looking forward to your answer-Nash.
I forgot yesterday to translate for you the red letters, the ones that I wrote, so he could connect them to what comes after....Here's a translation, in green letters. It may not sound as silly in English as it is in my language.

Bank of Nigeria (Union) Pa to pas s maslom pojeo neb'. Ne jeb' ti to ni 3%
Bank of Nigeria (Union) A dog would not eat that cake, even with butter on it. Do not give a fuck for it, not even 3%!

John Mike. Tom prknu od coveka da das pare? Nek ti on prvo 59 puta toliko dadne pa ti onda da mu das ovce da ti cuva. Nacrtane. Na parcetu tariguza!
John Mike. To give the money to that hole in the ass of a human being? Let him first give to you 59 times as much. And then you may let him watch over your sheep. Drawings of sheep (not the real ones). Drawn on a piece of toilet paper!

DrKaadZias- je car!- 17 iljada  zena planete ove da poludi za njim zbog njegove nezavisnosti!!!
DrKaadZias is a king! (Emperor). I wish 17 thousand women to go crazy over him, because of his indepedence (Drkadzia=Wanker)

Dwayne!!! To je Anglosaksonsko ime, zato 0,0000001%
Dwayne!!!! It's an Anglosaxon name, for that, 0,0000001%
From: ben_2003@post.cz
Date: Sat, 02 Aug 2003 13:59:38 +0200 (CEST)
To: "Nash Chovek"
Subject: Please contact me

Dear Friend,

    I have read your mail and I want us to finalise this deal
together please I will act as you have instructed me to go to the
bank my self please I will go to the bank and I have made the
neccessory arrengment. I will give you my address now.

 My name in full    John Mike.
 12, marina street lagos, Nigeria.
You should put any question you like and I will do as you
instructed me. please I will work for a curespondent bank in
spain to transfer the money to your account using the instruction
from the bank hear please send the Western union to me.

I have warned you to stop your contact with Kaad He with his
Group in Holland will use their men and harm yoiu I don't want
any thing to happen to you please do not go there I am sorry for
all this delay please send the money.

I will take care of everything.

God bless you and your family and i pray that our relationship
will last for ever.

John Mike
I opened a new account for our friend John Mike. He is going to write to Nash now and send another address for the money, and I'll believe to him! And then when he cries for the lost money, I'll close his account there as well!!!
From: John Mike <johnmikemail@yahoo.com>
Date: Saturday, August 02, 2003 8:47 PM
To: "Nash Chovek"
Subject: change of adress

Nash, my man in God!
This may come as a surprise to you, me writting to you
from the new adress! My old adress had some problems,
and I decided to use my private one, the one my wife
does not know!
I decided not to trust the bank I worked with and to
change it for a bank in amsterdam.
We can do everyrhing as well from here, because the
money can be whitdrawn from here as well.
Please send the money on the following name with
western union.
Emmanuil Angba
Nuitwalt 3
within 48 hours you will get the money on your
account. The rest will happen as told before.
Yours sincerely
John Mike
From: "Nash Chovek"
Date: Saturday, August 02, 2003 8:47 PM
To: John Mike <johnmikemail@yahoo.com>; ben_2003@post.cz
Subject: decide what you want!!!

...Do you want me to send you the money to Amsterdam 0r to Lagos?
You write to me from your new adress, telling me to send it to amsterdam,
and I get your mail from the old adress, and when I writte to you there,
which is logical, the mail comes bak to me! You first decide what you want
me to do, and I'll do it!


PS I do not call kaad, he calls me, and he says you lie. I do not care for
him I think he lies!
And now, an insult, to provoke him!
From: John Mike <johnmikemail@yahoo.com>
Date: Sun, 3 Aug 2003 01:26:19 -0700 (PDT)
we need to act fast

Dear Nash,

Please ingnore all the mail coming from the old
adress, the one I was writting to you before.
Let me please explain to you why. I was living at home
of Bente Umozzak, a man I thought was OK, a friend,
and ben_2003@post.cz is his e-mail adress. Bente is
his name, and everybody calls him Ben, I called him
BenAvi out of respect! Untill I saw him in my
underwear! I understood I have to leave the country,
or let him be in my underwear. With me, this is not
acceptable! Mr. Nash, this may sound crazy, but you
have to know that my country is strange for you! Just
remember the problems we had with the Miss Election!
Would you say it is reasonable? I am Christian man,
and I decided to go amsterdam, and I need you to send
the money to the name I told you, so I can pay the fee
and pick up all our money! You get your share right
away, I promise to you, with all my Christian heart!
This is why I writte to you from an my new adress, and
I need you we do everything fast!

Act fast, please, save our life, and our money!
Yours sincerely, John Mike
Now, I writte to the real spammer's adress
From: Nash Chovek
Date: Sun, 03 Aug 2003 11:43:18 +0300
To: <ben_2003@post.cz>
Subject: Re: Please contact me

Mr Ben,
please tell me what happened with John, I want to hear your side of the story!
Nash Chovek of Prnjavor
19 Mela Spyrou str
166 73 Voula, Athens

From: "Nash Chovek"
Date: Saturday, August 02, 2003 8:47 PM
To: John Mike <johnmikemail@yahoo.com>; ben_2003@post.cz
Subject: Total confusion. Where is and Who is john

Mr John Mike at Ben_2003 sir,

I need you to tell me what of all this is the truth.
First one of my mail messages to this adrees comes back, as a mistaken.
Then I get this 2 mail messages from another mail, from you from Amsterdam!
And it is supposed that now a man named Ben is behind this adress!

Please exolain to me everything, from any or from both adresses!!!!
I am ready for all the deal, but I do not know where to send the money, I have 2
different names and adresses!!
Please, please answer soon! Nash Chovek
From: "Nash Chovek"
Date: Tuesday, August 05, 2003 9:51 AM
To: john mike <2003_ben@go.com>; ben_2003@post.cz <ben_2003@post.cz>; John Mike <johnmikemail@yahoo.com>
Subject: Nash

Mr Bente Umozzak and John Mike, whoever you are and where ?
What is the problem between you 2?
Why are you like children?
Why don't you stop quarreling over me, or I'll die of headache!
You talk to each other and tell me what we can do for all of us!
It is stupid to quarell, with such a big money waiting for us!
I do not care who is guilty, I just want my share
From: John Mike <johnmikemail@yahoo.com>
Date: Tue, 5 Aug 2003 07:35:03 -0700 (PDT)
To: Nash
Subject: Trust your instict, Nash

Dear Nash,

Bente is a bad guy, do not nelieve him! He has such a
bad character that his wife does not want to sleep in
the same bedsheets with him. She sleeps in white, and
gives him green sheets! His brother who live in Lagos
calls him "B??A?A". In Hausa, the biggest language
there in Nigeria it means the man with no face, and it
means that he is a shame for the family!
He is trying to cheat you and to take our money!
Please send the money to me, and everything will be
OK, you are not going fo be sorry for this!!
Do not contact him with this BEN adress!.
Also, do not speak to DrKaad! He is our enemy, the
same as Ben!

Yours truly, John Mike!!!

From: john mike <2003_ben@go.com>
Date: Sun, 03 Aug 2003 12:10:27 -0700 (PDT)
To: Nash
Subject: I want you to only deal with me directly on this two email addresses

Dear Friend,

 I am happy, that you have not send any money to Holland the mail you receive from the yahoo mail thatn they told you I have change my email address is a big lie I am hear and I am still here you should send the money to lagos I am the owner of this mail and I promise you that if you follow the word of Kaad and his agent you may loose your life stop communicating with them stop sending any email that I send to you to them I warned you to be careful please as soon as you send this money to my name and the address I have given to you I will setle with the bank I have send many mails to you my name remain the same   I am still faitfull to you and to my God who I know he will see me through in this deal I have swear to you with my life to the estend of swearing if I am telling you lies let my daughter dier and the only daughter I beleive in your word that you beleive me but I don't want you to delay the payment more than tuesdays if you beleive me.

name: John
surname: Mike
street: Marina
number: 12
town: Lagos
country: Nigeria  I have include the postal code.

In my name you should send the mail I don't want you to send any mail to that group of people that Kaad have plane with to take away our money from the bank I ask you for Kaad Number you have refuse to give to me I told you he is not in southafrica and he told you with his group of  liers that you should send money to amsterdam is he not the person that contact you why is he telling you to send money to a person you don't know please I have warned you.

I have opened another email because net work of post.cz have problem you can send mails to me there I will reply you through this mail Please I am sorry for all that have happend and I pray that we will be together soon when this deal will be concluded, this is my only email address mail and the ben_2003@post .cz you can send mail to me in the two email address I will attend to it please I am waiting for good reply.

John Mike
From: "Nash Chovek"
Date: Saturday, August 02, 2003 8:47 PM
To: ben_2003@post.cz
Subject: Re: contact me

To Mr.john Mike from the adress BEN, whatever is his real name!

I am not sure for anything, but I must take a decision!
God help me if I am wrong! I decided to go first with
John Mike, from the adress JohnMike, whoever he is!
If I am wrong, I am sorry, I believe you second! Because the tone in
your mail has changed, and I think it is Ben writting them now!
If wrong, and if it is JohnMike, I am really sorry, I'll be back to
you after! The other is not Kaad, because Kaad called me yesterday
evening and he tell me both of you John Mike from adress Ben and
Johnmikemail are not true, only he is genuine! And if I go to
amsterdam, I can check 2 of them!
And if you say you are the only genuine, sorry for being wrong to
you, and please, if you know what I must be carefull with, to
tell me, so I can be carefull and not let them cheat me, and
after I come back, I help you!
I am really sorry, this is what I decided, may be I am wrong!
I wish you all best, Nash Chovek of Prnjavor

PS, If you have any advice for me in Amsterdam, please writte very
soon! Help me to help you!
From: John Mike <johnmikemail@yahoo.com>
Date: Tuesday, August 05, 2003 11:55 PM
To: Nash
Cc: ben_2003@post.cz <ben_2003@post.cz>
Subject: Ask Ben...

I am opened man! I writte to Ben together with you!
Ask Ben if his wife calls him BČÄAËA?
Ask Bente if he sleeps in the same sheets in bedwith
his wife?
If he say this not true, he lies much!
I know when you get the money, you will know I am
Waiting for you.
Yours sincerely,
John Mike

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