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Nash insults Kokor

From: kokormobutu1@lycos.com
Reply-To: kokormobutu1@lycos.com
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2003 14:42:09 +0200
To: Nash


Dear Sir.

May I seek your indulgence to introduce my humble
self. I am Kokor Mobutu, the son of the late Zaire
Republic President, Mobutu Sese Seko.
Before the death of my father, he kept in my custody
the sum of USD 30 Million ( Thirty million United
States Dollars ) this money emanated from the sales
diamonds he made when he was still on the throne.

My father lodged this money in a security company
outside our country for security reasons and because
of the political instability in my country.

My Father introduced me to the security company       shortly before
his death. He however deposited this money without
name rather, with coded numbers which is in my
possession. With my father dead, my life was at
risk, I therefore had to leave my country under

Now, I have decided to invest this money in a
and conducive environment. At this point, I now seek
your assistance to transfer this money to your bank
account for proper use. 20% of the total money will
yours after the transfer and 5% for any expenditure
might incur in the process while the balance will be
for me.

On the receipt of your positive response to assist
on this project, all information related to the
project will be made available to you on request.
business is 100% risk free as long as the
confidentiality the business needs is observed. For
this business to take off, your bank particulars
this fund will be paid into is required.

You can always reach me on my
E Mail address,kokormobutu@yahoo.co.uk
or telephone number-00 346 099 146 24

Warm Regards,

From: Nash Chovek
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2003 06:49:46 +0300
To: <kokormobutu1@lycos.com>, <kokormobutu@yahoo.co.uk>

Dear Mister Kokor,

I hope I will not insult you when I tell you how much I was laughing when I read your name. In Greek your name is the worst insult one man can say to another! It is even worse then mentioning the other man's wife on a donkey chariot wearing nothing but a flat hat to be used to leave the beer bottle on, all on a road to Prnjavor and back!
Your name means "rooster", but it is being connected  to the story about a rooster who tried to make chicken by mistake with an elephant lady, and at the end he was blown to the bush when the elephantass farted. If you say to a man here that he is a "Kokor" you hit his manhood, and usuallyafter this insult one of the men is left ln the horisontal position, wet, either from blood, or from urine!

Then, I thought, who knows what "Nash" or "Chovek" means in your language? Please inform me on that!

After half an hour of laughing I read your mail and understood it was a promising opportunity!
Please send me all the informations on your offer, and what my name means in your language, and sorry again for your name!

Nash Chovek, Athens, Greece

The only truth in this mail is that "kokor(as)" means "rooster" in Greek. If he answers he better be ready for more insults. Inspiration!



Stay tuned for more if Kokor decides to reply back!

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