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Nash, Hash, Bash and Usrulia-inspiration on a mistake!

From: "mcknight rose" <rosemckml@hotmail.com>
Reply-To: rosemcknightl@yahoo.co.in
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2004 09:42:43 +0000
To: Nash



DEAR Friend,

This may appear a bit surprising to you but very beneficial; as a  matter of
urgentcy, i am desparately looking for a foriegn partner whom i can trust to
handle some investment or fund movement. I am MRS.ROSE MCKNIGHTwife of late
MR.MENTU GEZI MCKNIGHT, who was murdered by the Zimbabwean veterans and
irrate black people.

I am writing from Zimbabwe. I got your address from the internet through the
consultancy directory during my search for a reliable and honest person to
transact this business with. I write to solicit for your special assistance
to a family shattered by a tyrannical government led by a dictator and his
(ZANU-PF) ruling party- president Robert Mugabe.

Because of land and farm land crisis in Zimbabwe, the government secretly
sponsored the war veterans and some irrate partymembers to disposess the
land being occupied by white farmers. This action has led to the killing of
some members of opposition party including my husband(MENTU MCKNIGHT), who
did do not support this ill-fated action.

But before the death of my husband, he anticipated some dangers and so he
deposited the sum ofUS$15.4m (Fifteen million four hundered Thousand United
States Dollars)in the name of our only son 'RAYMOND  in EUROPE with the help
of reputable security company in south Africa with the intention of using it
to open fertilizer manufacturing company among other companies in our
neighbouring country (Swaziland)after his university education.

On the 29th of July, 2001, the war veterans and some supporters of
(ZANU-PF)ruling party trooped into our compound and axed him(my husband) to
death. Since then, they have been terrorizing my only son, RAYMOND MCKNIGHT,
but he managed to escape to a neighbouring country, South Africa as a
political asylum seeker (refugee).   But his position in South Africa does
not permit him to open an account or run any huge financial business.

That is why I want this fund to be transferred into your private account so
that you will assist him to invest it in your country. Hence,if you agree to
assist us, we will offer you 20% of the money for your assistance, 10% will
be for the possible expenses incurred in the process of this transaction,
while 70% will be for our family investment in your country through your
assistance.  I need your urgent and confidential response.

Best regards,

Upon your immediate response, I will immediately arrange and send to you all
the informations that will empower your good self in finalizing the
transaction with the security company in the europe and also disclosing the
country in europe.I will also send to you the agreement that will protect
both interest. And also further information about yourself is necessary for
i can not play on this.My alternate Email address is

You can as well read more about the crises in my country and about this
situation on the following
Waiting for your prompt and positive response ..

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(They >yahoo< say they fight spam!!!)

From: Nash
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2004 00:34:40 +0300
To: <rosemcknightl@yahoo.co.in>

Dear Mr Mcknight,

There are few messages like yours in my mailbox. I answered to every single one of them. We then exchange few e-mails, and after a while, in stead of giving the money to me, any thing between 10 to 30 % of a big sum of money, I end up loosing money. As soon as I give a dummurage fee, they either dissapier or they ask more money. I gave money to Mobutu sase seko, to Idris Kabila and to Bubnem Teurebra. Total of 36500 $. And I did not get anything. I understand that a person may get into trouble, but the chances to happen 3 times in a row, are smal. I tend to believe now that all these messages are lies.

Look, my father is filthy rich, and that kind of money are not something I worry about, but I will be nobody's fool any more! My grandfather thought me that!

So, if you are real, please writte to me and give me the further instructions. But if you are one of these LIARS, forget it!!!! I do not give money, before I get some!!!!!!

Expecting your mail,
Nash Chovek,
Athens Greece

PS, I am on my hollidays now, so it may take time for any administration

Here she makes a simple, one letter mistake in my name. She calls me Hash!!!!This gives me and idea for a plot!!!
From: rose mcknight <rosemcknightl@yahoo.co.in>
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2004 13:29:28 +0100 (BST)
To: Nash Chovek
Subject: REPLY ME ASP.

Dear Hash,
Thanks for your detailed me and kind explanation which made me to believe that you are a kind and honest person and base on that people are taking advantage of your kindness are concerns.

Well I don't know how to start informing you of my status. The only thing I can say for now is do you trust me? can you trust me? can I trust you? If we can answer this question to ourselves, then I will give you more information's  on this project.

Before then, I will like to have oral discussion with you over the phone, I think that will help us a bit to build trust and confidence to each other, so forward your telephone number for me to call you or you can call me on 27 82 7951 208.

So I am waiting desperately to hear from you.

Have a nice day and enjoy your holiday.
Mrs. Rose.

She introduced a new character, Hash, let us add few more brothers and sisters in this happy family, and let's add some flavour from a soap opera!!!
The telephone I gave to her is really mine, for another week, after that it is going to be closed, anyway!!!

From: Nash
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2004 20:49:44 +0300
To: rose mcknight <rosemcknightl@yahoo.co.in>
Subject: Re: REPLY ME ASP.

Mrs Rose,

If you want a contact with Hash, no problem, I do not care, here is it+30 28310 57642!!!
I do not care, I just wander when did he contact you??? I know that he knows the password of this e-mail, anyway all the family uses it, it is kind of official e-mail, we all use it. But I have to tell you that you had a bad luck! I worn you he is bad news!!! It's your problem, if you do it with him, if you contacted my oldest brother Bash, I'd say-go on, he is very honest. The same with Usrulia, our sister! But Hash is bad news! Unfortunately my father is fond of him, and we have to live with him.
I'll tell you to ask Hash why Agnes commited suicide. I would like to hear his answer! And if he tells you she just gone mad, I have a question-CAN SOMEBODY GO MAD FROM ONE DAY TO ANOTHER?
I don't know what you are going to do with him, and when did he manage to contact you, but I really don't care anymore. Call him, and you do it with him. And if you are like Idris or Mobutu or Bubnem, I will laugh to him!!!!

Bye from me,

Stay tuned for more if Rose decides to reply back!

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