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Nash cuts to the chase

Nash sent me this latest e-mail.  He is so fed up with the Nigerian spammers that he decided to just cut to the chase and ask them to explain how they plan to scam him...

-- Mike

Dear Mr. Savimbi,

I am really glad to find out (from your mail) that my fight against spam is getting known, I am getting more and more spam mail from people like you.

I really wonder how do you spammers look like. I think you must look very much like Mr. George Bush or Mrs. Tony Blair. Because your mail is as believable and honest as  their speeches.

Still, you probably do find from time to time some greedy person with extremely low IQ who believe in your a story, I assume, because there are some people who believe that the war is being fought for humanitarian or ANY good reason -because they watch CNN or BCC news.

Please send me more information how would you like me to help you to rip me off some of my money. In the name of injustice, generally, not just the one done to your hero Taofeek Sawimbi.

Looking forward to your answer, really!



From Taofeek Savimbi,

This message may come as a surprise as we have not met,
but we are desperately in need of help. I got your contact
email address from a comprehensive search on the Internet. I
cannot contact any of my known father's associates because
of the on-going situation in my country and the predicament
facing my family.

I am the son of the late leader of the Movement for the
Total Independence of Angola (UNITA), Jonas Savimbi, who
was killed in a fierce gun battle with government troops
loyal to Edwardo Dos Santos on the 22nd of Febuary 2002.

I am Taofeek Savimbi, the son of Jonas Savimbi. I was
aware of sales of diamonds and crude oil to individuals
and countries that clandestinely come and purchase these
products. After the PEACE ACCORD was broken, the United
States of America government abandoned my father and the
United Nations (UN) imposed sanctions on all products
coming out of UNITA controlled areas. It is the proceeds
of these sales that were used by UNITA to purchase arms
to prosecute the war.

To learn more of the injustice and situation on my father
find more at: <http://www.the-idler.com/IDLER-02/3-16.html>

My late father, Jonas Savimbi was able to deposit some
funds in Europe with a Security Company that he intended to
make purchases with. My mother happens to be in possesion of documents and informations of the deposit and some others.

Our movements presently (including me) is restricted.
We are forbidden to either travel abroad or out of our

Presently, the US$28.5 Million Dollars cash my father transfered
to Europe before his death for some purchases he intended
to make is safe and is with the Security firm. I have the
passcode and the documents to the Security firm. This is
where I will need your help because at present I cannot travel.
And I want to act fast before the government finds out about
the funds.

With this password and information and power of attorney
you will be able to proceed to the Security firm. When
you are ready I will give you the information needed before
you can get access to the funds you will then proceed to
the Security company where the funds will be given to you
as payment either installmentally or depending on the advice of the security company.

Please get back to me with your intentions to help to enable me give you the full details of infomation to collecting the money.


Yours sincerely,

Taofeek Savimbi.

Stay tuned for more if they decide to reply back!

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